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Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP

Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP
Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP
Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP
Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP
Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP
Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP
Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP
Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP

Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP    Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP

A Great GIFT for the "DISNEYWORLD" Fan in your family! Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, PROP Seaweed Plants, Case, COA. THIS IS A RARE & GREAT Disney HISTORICAL FIND! One of the most famous & beloved RIDES in Disneyworld Park History!

A very RARE vintage Disneyworld "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" Park-Used PROP "Seaweed" PLANTS from the famous Submarine Ride! This VERY RARE Disneyworld Park PROPS Collection is in overall good condition and just ready to display in your Home, Office, Media Room or Museum! This piece of sea grass & seaweed you receive was carefully cut from a larger piece of the disney ride set dressing that we obtained when the ride was closed and the tank was drained... Obviously, each piece that we cut and remove from the large prop sea grass is different and certainly a "One of a Kind" Prop in each tube display!

This is a very RARE Great FIND! As a TV & Movie DIRECTOR and a lifetime member of the Director's Guild of America, D.

Sell is offering some rare PROPS, AUTOGRAPHS & COSTUMES, ART & COLLECTIBLES from his personal collection from some great television & motion pictures, including "STAR WARS, " "RESIDENT EVIL, " APOLLO 13, " "STAR TREK, " "AMERICAN PIE, " "DIRTY DANCING, " "E. ", "AEON FLUX, " "WARM BODIES, " "CASINO ROYALE, " "bruno, " "GONE WITH THE WIND, " "CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, " "HANNIBAL, " "BATMAN, " "WIZARD OF OZ, " "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, " "SUPERMAN, " "GHOST, " "NATIONAL TREASURE, " "SKYFALL, " "SPIDER-MAN" & "PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN + dozens of other Films & Television shows, many destined to become Classics that will live on for millions of viewers for years to come. Of course, you also receive a copy of the original COA (CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY) for the PROPS from world renowned THEME PARK CONNECTION.. The PLEXIGLASS TUBE measures approximately 6 1/2" long x 3 1/2" Diameter.. And has this DESCRIPTION STRIP attached to the TUBE as well.. The PROP SEAWEED PLANTS used in the Park have nice colors and in good condition as you can see in the picture... This is the tube and Prop Plants you will receive... Prop Plants will vary slightly from the photo, but are very similar in appearance. Inside the Tube are the underwater plastic plants that were used in the Submarine Ride in the Park along with color photos of the ride mounted inside the tube. This WALT DISNEY Nautilus Ride & PROPS were inspired by the "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" motion picture!! This famous ride was inspired by the Walt Disney Motion Picture starring Kirk Douglas.. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The film was personally produced by. Walt Disney Productions, directed by.

It was also the first feature-length Disney film to be distributed by. The film is adapted from.

Jules Verne's 19th-century novel. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

It is considered an early precursor of the. The film was a critical and commercial success, being especially remembered for the fight with a giant squid, and Mason's definitive performance as the charismatic anti-hero, Captain Nemo. This WALT DISNEYWORLD Submarine RIDE was one of the Park's favorite Rides for almost a quarter of a century... This Rare old collection is still in overall good condition... So, whatever happened to one of the most popular rides in Disneyworld history?

Anna Hider of Daytrippers website summed it up beautifully... What follows is an account of Walt Disney World's most legendary ride, from its glory days as it enthralled generations of kids through its slow, painful demise, until it met its unbecoming end. This is the story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The ride opened in 1971, and as you can imagine, it was mind-blowingly awesome to Disney visitors back in the day. It took up a whopping 25% of Fantasyland... And that was only a fraction of what the original blueprints called for it to be.

Riders were invited aboard Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine, and on a fantastical voyage through liquid space, just like in the Jules Verne book that inspired it. The submarines passed by polar ice caps, re-discovered the lost city of Atlantis, and observed magical mermaids. People were thrilled as they saw animatronic sea monsters guarding treasure and watched a giant squid attacking another Nautilus. However, the ride proved difficult to maintain. The 11.5 million gallon tank had to be drained several times a year so the attractions could be cleaned of any pond scum, and time was not kind to the submarines-- they were leaky, the sound was crappy, and the air conditioning barely functioned. After 23 good years, Disney "temporarily" closed the ride in 1994. It sat in all its fading glory for another two years before Disney finally admitted that the ride would never again open. They dismantled the attractions and submarines, sending them to the scrapyard to be used for parts and covered up the caverns, turning the lagoon into "Ariel's grotto". Even though the ride is gone, it's not forgotten. Scores of people fondly remember the ride; Amy Baxter, now CEO of MMJ Labs. Says that as a kid from Kentucky, she loved seeing the exotic coral and experiencing the calmness of being underwater. Were willing to suspend reality and imagine that they truly were 20,000 leagues under the sea, and Florida resident. Regrets that her young daughter will never get to experience one of Disney's coolest original rides the way she did as a child. One was painted red and sunk in the lagoon as an attraction for snorkelers to explore, and the other was buried in the sand for kids to play on. However, the pair of submarines disappeared after awhile-- some say that Disney removed them, while others think a hurricane could have washed them further into the ocean... Maybe, just maybe, they're now actually resting 20,000 leagues under the sea. Check out our many other collectibles & exhibits from these other shows! A VERY RARE DISNEY COLLECTION..

This great DISNEYWORLD PROP "Seaweed PLANT" Collection from "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA" Submarine Ride is ready to display in your Home, Museum, Media Room or Office or give as a gift to the Walt Disney or Movie fan in your life! Tomorrowland in Disneyland was completed, which included the addition of new attractions: the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Monorail, and Submarine Voyage.

"Commissioned" on June 6, 1959, in front of Richard Nixon, Walt Disney and his wife Lillian, and officers of the US Navy, the attraction made use of early animatronics to create underwater life, and the use of forced perspective to increase the feeling of realism. Eight submarines painted in grey took guests through the attraction and It became extremely popular with guests, So, Walt Disney Imagineering consequently planned for a more elaborate version for the forthcoming Florida Project concept, which would become Walt Disney World. One of the signature pieces of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea was the fleet of passenger vehicles, adapted for theme park use from Harper Goff's Nautilus design for the 1954 Disney live-action version by Disney Imagineer George McGinnis. The basic hulls were constructed by Morgan Yachts in Clearwater, Florida. Another veteran Imagineer, Bob Gurr, oversaw the project. The attraction vehicles were not actual.

Submarines, but instead boats in which the guests sat below water level. The interiors were a mix of metal paneling, rivets, and bolts, as well as Victorian-esque fittings in the form of passenger seats that could flip outwards, and armrests beneath the portholes, in keeping with the Goff concept.

Each "guest" aboard the Nautilus had his or her own seat, as well as a round. To look out into the attraction. A small button located in the porthole recess was intended for defogging the window if needed, though this rarely worked. Located at the top of the window recess was a small speaker through which. Captain Nemo's voice veteran voice actor. James Mason guides his guests through their underwater adventure. Above the seating area was the sail (as it was known to the employees) where the "helmsman" stood and controlled the vehicle's operation. The "diving" effect was produced by bubble machines located throughout the attraction, as well as using the waterfalls at the entrance to the show building. The adventure began as the guests made their way down into the back of the submarine, bending to miss the low-level raised rear hatch, and finding a place on board. Throughout the voyage, an eerie organ version of the Disney film's main theme would play on a never-ending loop, allowing for a narration backing as well as a piece of stall music if required. Following the standard Disney-style introduction and safety notes from the helmsman, the narration, in the voice of Captain Nemo, would begin. With the submarine clear of the dock, the diving sequence would begin, with hundreds of air bubbles filling the porthole view, creating the illusion of descent. Once clear, the Captain introduced himself to his passengers, and then introduced them to the underwater plains around Vulcania. In the lagoon, guests could see.

As well as a host of smaller tropical fish. Minutes later, in another tribute to the Disney film, an "underwater party" of. Would come into view, as animatronics wearing replicas of the. Harper Goff-designed deep sea diving equipment worked.

Beds and wrangled with rebellious turtles. With the bubbles from the waterfall at the cavern entrance simulating a surface. Storm, the Captain would order the submarine down into the depths as a precaution, and the guests enter the show building section of the attraction. From various centuries littering the sea bed, guarded by the silent, gliding figures of. Leaving the destruction behind, the Nautilus would reach the.

North Pole, circumnavigating the Polar Ice Cap from below the surface, and narrowly avoiding large. Venturing deeper, the Nautilus entered the eerie world of the.

Abyss, where guests viewed examples the many weird and strange species of deepwater fish that thrive in such an environment. Rising slightly, one of the final discoveries made is the ruins of. Atlantis, along with a typical Disney-fied. Mermaids, and a treasury bursting with jewels and. With the ruins of the ancient civilization soon left behind, the Nautilus would enter the final phase of its journey, with a tribute to the most iconic and memorable part of the 1954 Disney film: The attack of the. After seeing a much smaller sister Nautilus trapped in the clutches of one such creature, the passenger submarine would be attacked itself by long, thrashing tentacles.

With a final push to the surface, the Nautilus would clear the caverns of the dangerous squid, and enter the safety of the tropical lagoon, on its way towards the dock. "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA" Nautilus SUBMARINE RIDE - Walt Disney World.

This GREAT DISNEY WORLD "Prop Seaweed Plant" Collection from the "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA" Ride... A wonderful piece of DISNEY history..... A real "One of a Kind" Find & Conversation piece.. Plus other historic, movie props & autographs! Jack Sell ONE OF A KIND.

Our photos are included as part of our ad description. This Original Props have been stored in an acid free sleeve/box in a dark, 72 degree, smoke free, pet free environment... Sell is a Registered Dealer with the U.

We are proud that some of our memorabilia is on display in the SMITHSONIAN, Washington, D. Heimdell51 Praise: Great guy; very prompt & efficient service & exc. Packaging; got a free bonus too! Austinpowheinybeer Praise: GREAT GREAT GREAT!! Toothfella Thanks for the super helmet Jack!

Hope to do business again. Jimsoden Praise: Great packing, good emails, very generous with his time and effort, class act!!! Circus10 Praise: Fabulous costume, vintage RBBB.

Belfast Praise: Wonderful Ebayer & with genuine COA's too! This is a Disney Genuine Original Park-used PROP Sea Plants from the original TANK used in the 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA Submarine Voyage in Tommorowland in DISNEY WORLD.. One Of The RAREST COLLECTIONS Ever Put Together that includes the original Seaweed Plants from the Park Tank & Certificate of Authenticity!!

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Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP    Disney World SUBMARINE 20,000 Leagues Under Sea, PROP Plant Case, COA, FREE SHIP